Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation

Chinese facial rejuvenation has been part of the traditional Chinese medicine for many many years. 


Initialy, facial acupuncture for skin rejuvenation was used in the courts of the emperor, in order to preserve the vibrant and youthful appearance.


In recent years, this method of acupuncture was brought to the west attracting a wide population of patients because the treatment is both internal and external, and lasts for years with no permanent side effects.

Atopic Dermatitis - Results after 3 weeks of treatments:
Facial Rejuvenation - Results after 3 months of treatments:

How does it work?

 The main idea behind cosmetic acupuncture is to strengthen the body internally (detoxification, nurishing fluids, strengthening blood flow, and more), and thus, the results appear on the surface.


The treatment includes acupuncture, herbal supplements, and other tools that are used regularly in Chinese medicine such as cupping, gua-sha, derma roller, and more.


The effects of cosmetic acupuncture are manifested at several levels, including aesthetic, physical, and mental. 

The Aesthetic level treats:


  • Blurring wrinkles

  • Dry or oily skin 

  • Saggy skin 

  • Skin discolorations & pigmentation

  • Open pores

  • Cellulite

  • Acne in children and adults

  • Rosacea

  • Alopecia and hair loss

  • Atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, and more... 

The Physical level:


  • Menopause symptoms such as, night sweats, hot flashes, night thirst, and difficulty sleeping

  • Incontinence

  • Orthopedic aches and pains such as joint pain, back pain 

  • Migraines

  • Joint pain

  • Back pain

  • Hemorrhoids and more...

The Mental level:


  • Stress release

  • Insomnia and poor sleep

  • Mild depression

  • Irritability and more...

What are the advantages of a Facial Acupuncture treatment ?


  • There are no permanent side effects.


  • In relation to Western treatments such as chemical peelings, surgery (that requires a rehabilitation process), after a facial acupuncture treatment, the patient can go to work and continue with their normal daily activities.


  • The treatment is not as painful as other common cosmetic treatments.


  • The treatment is not dangerous and leaves no permanent damage.


  • Acupuncture has clinical evidence going back for centuries whereas some newer cosmetic treatments and devices are very new and may have unknown long-term effects.

Who is this treatment suitable for?


  • Teenage children, around the ages of 12, to adults up to their 60's**. 


  ** In general, facial acupuncture works for all ages, however, often times, it's easier to achieve faster  and     

       better results when we are younger, since the body is able to heal itself more easily.


  • In some cases, in order to achieve better results, it is necessary to first work on strengthening the inner values (blood, body's metabolism, energy, etc.) before starting a Facial Rejuvenation treatment program. In these cases, several initial strengthening treatments may be required prior to starting the treatment program.

Who is this treatment NOT suitable for?


  • Pregnant women. 

  • People with high blood pressure.

  • People with pacemakers.

  • People who take blood thinners.

  • People who have recovered from cancer recently, it is important to wait at least six months after chemotherapy and radiation treatments have been completed before starting Facial Rejuvenation treatments.

  • Smokers. 

  • People with diabetes.

  • Dizziness - It is important to first examine the causes of dizziness. If the cause is blood deficiency, treatments to address the dizziness should first be done before beginning the treatment. 


Duration of each treatment:

Treatment lasts about one hour.