The art of acupuncture has been around for many years.


Acupuncture is a treatment method of inserting tiny, flexible needles in different points located at different areas on the body, which assists the body to regain it's natural balance. Acupuncture has been an integral treatment method for millions of people for a variety of ailments.

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Acupuncture has been proven to be very helpful in treating a wide range of disorders manifesting anywhere from musculo-skeletal system to the digestive system, influencing the hormonal system, respiratory and immune systems, reproductive system and even the skin's complexion and vitality.


Some of the symptoms we address at our clinic include: 

  • Migraines  

  • Headaches

  • Seasonal allergies 

  • Orthopedic pain

  • Back pain  

  • neck pain

  • Joint pain

  • sinusitis 


  • Digestive problems  

  • Stress

  • Respiratory system 

  • Insomnia  

  • Irritability & anxiety  

  • Arthritis  

  • IVF treatment support


  • Menopause

  • Night sweats & hot flashes  

  • Infertility  

  • Restoration of the body after birth 

  • Hair loss  

  • Skin problems and more ...

night sweats

What to expect when coming for a treatment?

When a patient arrives at the clinic, first they fill out New Patient Intake forms. Then, we go through the various sections together in order to better understand their condition(s).

The next step is the diagnosis stage, where I examine the patient's pulse, tongue, and palpate the acupuncture channels (found between the fingertips to the elbows and the toes to the knees) for a complete understanding of the nature of the problem that we want to address.

Acupuncture needles are tiny and flexible (as opposed to Western medicine's needles that are hollow and stiff), and are gently inserted into the more superficial layers of the skin, subcutaneously, for about 30-40 minutes.

During the treatment, the patient may feel a gentle flow sensation in certain areas of their body, or some mild heat sensation. In addition, there may be a feeling of pain relief during the treatment.


After the treatment:

After treatment, often times, some people describe a sense of alertness / wakefulness, or alternatively, tiredness and the need to rest for a little while, there may also be a feeling of hunger.

** It's advisable for patients to eat something small before arriving for a treatment.


Frequency of treatments:

Typically, patients arrive at the clinic once or twice a week, depending on the severity of their condition. In very severe and rare cases, it may be recommended to arrive every day until the symptoms are reduced.

It is important to know that the number of treatments varies from patient to patient and depends, on the nature of the illness, and the willingness of clients to change their lifestyle in order to treat the disease / imbalance. Each person responds to treatment differently and therefore it is not always possible to foresee the amount of treatments that will be needed.