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Patients share their experiences at the clinic

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Facial Acupuncture for anti-aging


G.K., yoga teacher

"Cosmetic acupuncture is an innovative and holistic avenue to improve the signs of aging on the skin, whether these result from genetics, stress, over-exposure to the sun, or simply aging.

The treatments work on the entire body; this experience relieved my muscle tension, balanced my hormonal system and calmed my nerves.


The nights following treatment were blessed with deep uninterrupted sleep.


Facial acupuncture is something that one needs to adapt to. I found it non-invasive because it provides gradual results as opposed to more radical and sometimes irreversible changes provided by Botox treatments or facelifts, which sometimes have a negative effect, both aesthetically and on the psyche. I would feel terrified to transform my face overnight.


The treatments bring blood to the face and enhance collagen production within three or four months of treatment. Exercise and face yoga used as a complement to the treatments seems to accelerate the results."

Arthritis and pain 


E.L., film maker

"Esther Levy-Bremer had been devotedly treating me for years. I spend many hours working in front of a computer and have developed severe arthritis (inflammation of the joints), making it difficult for me to lift things and even to drive.


After spending quite a lot of time in the different hospital clinics and seeing multiple medical experts who didn’t provide me with a solution to the problem, I came to Dr. Esther quite desperate.

Arthritis and pain, acupuncture for kids, acupuncture treatment for children, asthma, IBS, skin rejuvenation, acupuncture los angeles, acupuncture beverly hills, acupuncture downtown los angeles, pain relief, chronic back pain, neck pain relief, menopause, night sweats, ppo insurance covrage for acupuncture, hair loss joint pain, healthy lifestyle, weight loss 

At first, she asked me plenty of questions to thoroughly and fully understand the problem and then started treating me.


The pain significantly diminished from the second treatment, and after 3-4 treatments, the pain went away!

I was amazed after seeing so many doctors who just said, “get some rest” I am fully functioning again, and every now and then, I return to her clinic for reinforcement.


In addition, Dr. Esther treats me for occasional colds and pain problems. The incredible thing about this treatment is that you feel an immediate effect and relief- you can’t find it anywhere else!


Today I recommend Dr. Esther anywhere I go. The personal approach, the smile, the patience, the will to deeply understand my problem, and most of all- her professionalism. And the fact is that acupuncture works, and it works fast.

Thank you for everything!”

Restoration of the body after birth


A.S, actress and a producer

"After giving birth about a year ago, I suffered from hemorrhoids and intense pain from the birth's stitches. The pain seriously limited my movements and my ability to care for my newborn baby girl.

Restoration of the body after birth, acupuncture for kids, acupuncture treatment for children, asthma, IBS, skin rejuvenation, acupuncture los angeles, acupuncture beverly hills, acupuncture downtown los angeles, pain relief, chronic back pain, neck pain relief, menopause, night sweats, ppo insurance covrage for acupuncture, hair loss joint pain, acupuncture for babies, acupuncture for children, weight loss

Dr. Esther treated me with acupuncture and recommended additional treatment. After the first treatment, I already felt a significant improvement in my mobility and the pain weekend. After a few more treatments, the problem disappeared completely.


Esther also treats both my children with acupuncture for any viral disease, stomachaches, and fever.


The great advantage of her treatment is that you can see a significant improvement right away, and it doesn’t take dozens of treatments to feel better.


Esther is very professional, friendly, and empathic, and I gladly recommend her to all my friends."

Sports Injuries, Restoration of the body after birth, acupuncture for kids, acupuncture treatment for children, asthma, IBS, skin rejuvenation, acupuncture los angeles, acupuncture beverly hills, acupuncture downtown los angeles, pain relief, chronic back pain, neck pain relief, menopause, night sweats, ppo insurance covrage for acupuncture, hair loss joint pain, acupuncture for babies, acupuncture for children, weight loss

Sports Injuries


Yael Falko, writer.

“When I was younger, I was in professional sports and suffered a back injury; my knees were worn out.


I experienced the helplessness of modern medicine in treating sports injuries, which do not require a surgical procedure, but cause much pain and seriously harm the quality of life.

Dr. Esther combined acupuncture with heat and electric procedures to treat my traumatized joints, and the results were quick to follow.


Before Dr. Esther, I used ointments and took pills for the pain, but those only helped for several hours.

The improvement in my condition after Dr. Esther’s treatments was almost miraculous - after years of suffering, it took her 4 treatments for me almost to forget that the pain was there for so long.


With Dr. Esther’s help, I learned that acupuncture, unlike various painkillers, treats the problem, not its symptoms, thus preventing the problem from reoccurring.


I have been Dr. Esther’s patient for years – she has been treating me for almost any medical problem, and not only me; a big part of my family members (except those who refuse to accept any “alternative” medicine) became Dr. Esther’s patients over the years.


We are all extremely happy with her treatment methods, her positive vibes, her professionalism, and of course, the results."

Inflammation & Stress


S.B , Yoga teacher 

"Hi I want to tell you my experience with Esther as professional of acupuncture. I never before had done a treatment and the first time the visit was for a problem that I had intestinal inflammation. The result was almost immediate in less than a week to visit her three times the situation already had changed significantly. She also recommended me healthy food in order to be better.

My second treatment with Esther was when I had back problems. I was completely immobilized and crying in pain. This really was amazing without having to take any kind of anti-inflammatory in three days the pain was gone. Live to believe.

Recently, I see Esther because I felt stress and great anguish, what provoked in me a feeling of not being able to breathe deeply. She was very wrapper I hear, she recommended me a few essential oils and make me the appropriate treatment. Today I feel much better. Without a doubt and would recommend Esther because She is very serious and professional work, also transmits great peace."

Modern Dance Class


"I recommend Dr. Esther 100%. Right from the start, she was so attentive to my needs and really listened to everything that was going on so thoroughly.

She makes sure you always feel comfortable and tailors the treatment to how you are feeling each visit rather than other acupuncturists I've visited who just throw needles in your body without really checking in and seeing how you are doing.

She has a very holistic approach and gives you advice outside of the specific acupuncture treatments including eating, lifestyle, exercise, etc. She is very knowledgeable and so patient with answering any questions you have.

I went to Dr. Esther for a few really complicated illnesses and injuries that I had yet to find success in healing anywhere else. After a few months of treatment, I went from barely being able to get out of bed or walk around to exercising 5 times a week and gaining my energy and strength back. I am so grateful for all her help and would recommend her to anyone."

Women's Health and Wellness


"I can't say enough good things about Esther! She is kind, thoughtful, and a wonderful presence to be around. Most importantly, her treatment is very effective. I have been seeing Esther for about a year for anti-aging, iron-deficiency, and carpal tunnel.

Outdoor Meditation

My carpal tunnel is essentially gone, I have TONS more energy as a result of the iron work, and I can always see visible improvement in my skin when I see her regularly. If you are looking for a good soul to provide your acupuncture treatment and get real results--ESTHER is your woman!"

Friendly Run



"I literally could not say enough great things about Esther and her amazing work. As someone that has experienced a few different acupuncturists, I can honestly say this is by far the best experience.


Esther is incredibly knowledgeable, very attentive, listens to your needs and concerns, and I feel a million times better after every session. I wish I could see her every day.

On top of all of that she is the nicest, loveliest, most thoughtful and caring practitioner I have ever seen.


My highest recommendation!!!"

Digestion & Wellbeing 


Updated review: "I have now been meeting with Esther for 7 months. She has only gotten better with time. She has an excellent "bedside manner" in that she sets the atmosphere during the sessions to allow her client's the ability to truly enjoy the peace and quiet even though the surrounding location may not always be peaceful and quiet. She is attentive and always efficient. There have been many times when I have gone into a session tense or

stressed and all of that goes away once she sets up my needles. I cannot thank her enough! She really is the best."

Healthy Food

"I began treatment with Esther about 2 months ago. I went to her to relieve pain in my neck and to correct some digestion problem. In the course of our first consultation she was able to suggest some dietary changes I could make to further our progress. In 2 months time, I have seen great changes in my health, became more informed on what is beneficial to my body and I've shared the benefits with my family. We've even worked on some reproductive issues I've had for more than 20 years. Esther is very pleasant and great to work with. I love my acupuncture days cause I feel like I'm going to visit a warm, helpful, educated friend."

Yoga by the Sea

Pain & Wellbeing 


"I extremely recommend Esther!! She's an excellent professional in what she does and also such a lovely person. I had a very severe and intense pain on my neck so Esther told me she would make the pain go away in 4 weeks, and it was just like she said! No pain after 4 weeks, and I feel so relieved :)

Besides from helping me physically, she also helped me emotionally and hormonally. She's the best!!! I achieved amazing results that I had never achieved with any other professional in this area. Thank you again, Esther!!!!"



"I've been getting treatment from Esther for almost 2 months now, and I'm seeing a lot of results in different areas that I have issues. She is always on time and works with your schedule to give you an appointment that works for you.

I would certainly recommend her to everyone I know, and I believe she only gives you as many treatments as you need and not more which is a very rare quality in this town!"

Acupuncture Session
Grapefruit and Vitamins

Pain & Wellbeing 


"I started treatment with Esther about 2 months ago for a medical conditions I have, and I have to say that Esther really takes the time to get to know you, and she carefully tailors her treatments to fit your individual needs. During my first visits, we talked a lot about why I was there, my medical history, and my goals, and I really felt she was actually listening.

This is my personal experience, but to me is really important to find a doctor/acupuncturist that cares about your needs and expectations.

Today I decided I to leave a review because I was shocked. I have had acupuncture treatments a couple of times, and I have tried like 3 or 4 acupuncturists so far and I have to say I never experience anything like this. On Tuesday I was on a car accident (thanks god nothing major) and my neck was sore and I was feeling back pain from the accident as well.


Today when I went for my appointment I had my normal chat with Esther prior to the treatment and I mentioned it to Esther. She just paid attention to where I pointed that my neck and back were hurting, put some needles and asked me if I could notice a difference. I was shocked! In less than a minute I could REALLY feel a difference, I could feel the pain going away. I never thought that acupuncture could be effective that quickly, and I have to THANK Esther because it changed my mood completely!I will continue to see Esther and I recommend anyone in search for an acupuncturist to check her out.


She not only is a great acupuncturist, in my humble opinion, but she also is a very interesting and insightful person, I learned a lot about my body and how to naturally heal me during my sessions with her."



"I wasn't sure what to expect my first session with Esther, but she soon became my #1 acupuncturist in LA! She has such a genuine caring demeanor as well as deep understanding of Chinese medicine. I love how she is gentle with the needles and cares about my comfort while healing me- making me look forward to every visit.


She's very professional but relaxed at the same time. I am bummed that I moved away from the neighborhood and cannot see her anymore, but I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an acupuncturist who cares, is knowledgeable, gentle and a great communicator. Believe me, a lot of other acupuncturists either treat you like a human pin cushion or just don't know anything or don't even tell you much. She's not like those others- so I truly think she's a real gem!!!"

acupuncture treatment



"Many acupuncturists are skilled technicians, so how do you choose the right practitioner? Needles are sharp and cold; find a practitioner who is sharp and warm. This is balance. In addition to the classic forms of diagnosis, the practitioner should "feel" you -- hey, not like that! "validation" is the fancy word. In Esther Levy-Bremer, I have found a practitioner you would be wise to work with.

Passionate about her work and mission, excited and stimulated by her art, and deeply caring and open-hearted. Her excellent training and mind flow as she generously provides guidance and suggestions, and nudges me in the right direction. I feel absolutely accepted (despite my occasionally bone-headed health decisions.) Her office is fresh and clean and you can expect to feel that way, as well. I'm stronger and more resilient than I have been in years. Esther is making real, significant improvements in my life."



"So happy with my results! I've been having severe neck pain and lower back pain for 4 years now. Right off the bat, Esther was so generous and offered me an amazing bundle. It made me more comfortable to know that I wasn't getting treated by someone who was in it for the money, she truly cared about my well-being.

Pampas Grass

I was skeptical with acupuncture at first, however, because I had tried so many treatments before this that failed. When I first started, Esther gave me an extensive survey to get to know me better, something that most of my doctors didn't even do. Not going to lie, I didn't feel much of a difference the first couple sessions, but trust me, it's a process! After going to her for several sessions, I slowly starting feeling better. The pain that I thought was going to stick with me forever was gone!


Esther was (and still is) a VERY kind person, always accommodating and makes you feel so comfortable. She even offered to try cupping on me which is also really amazing. Overall, I had a really awesome experience with Esther. If you or someone you know is debating on whether or not this is a good investment, it truly is!"

Neck and Chin

Neck Pain


"I've been seeing Esther Levy-Bremer for acupuncture for about 8+ months now and she has been a miracle worker for me!! I told her the issues I was having after a car accident that left my neck injured and increased my anxiety. She pinpointed the exact areas to focus on for a fast recovery and after a few visits - I felt so much better. I could barely move my neck prior to seeing her.

I've been continuing to see her for maintenance; she has also made my allergies and stomach issues subside. She is the best! I've seen a few other acupuncturists, but I've decided to continue seeing Esther because she's the only one that has given me fantastic results!!! A+++ service!"

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