Patients share their experiences at the clinic

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Cosmetic Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation


G.K., yoga instructor

"Cosmetic acupuncture is an innovative and holistic avenue to improve the signs of aging on the skin, whether these result from genetics, stress, over-exposure to sun,

or simply aging.

The treatments work on the entire body; this experience provided an enormous relief, releasing tension, balancing the hormonal system and calming the nerves.


The nights following treatment were blessed with deep uninterrupted sleep.


Facial acupuncture is something that one needs to adapt to. I found it non-invasive because it provides gradual results as opposed to more radical and sometimes irreversible changes provided by Botox treatments or face lifts, which sometimes have a negative effect, both aesthetically and on the psyche.  I personally would feel terrified to transform my face overnight.


The treatments bring blood to the face and are meant to enhance the production collagen within three or four months of treatment. Exercise and face yoga used as a complement to the treatments seems to accelerate the results".

"Esther Levy-Bremer had been devotedly treating me for years. I spend many hours working in front a computer, and have developed severe arthritis (inflammation of the joints), which made it difficult for me to lift things and even to drive.


After spending quite a lot of time in the different hospital units, seeing multiple medical experts who didn’t provide me with a solution to the problem, I came to Esther quite desperate.

Arthritis and pain 


E.L., film maker


At first she asked me plenty of questions, in order to thoroughly and fully understand the problem, and then started treating me.


From the second treatment the pain significantly diminished, and after 3-4 treatments the pain completely went away!

I was quite amazed after seeing so many doctors who just said “get some rest” I am fully functioning again, and every now and then, come back to her for reinforcement.


In addition, Esther treats me for occasional flues, cold and pain problems. The most amazing thing about this treatment, is that you feel an immediate effect and relief- you can’t find it anywhere else.


Today I recommend Esther anywhere I go. The personal approach, the smile, the patience, the will to deaply understand my problem and most of all- her professionalism.


And the fact is, that acupuncture works, and it works fast.


Thank you for everything!”

Restoration of the body after birth


A.S, actress / producer

"After giving birth, about a year ago, I suffered from hemorrhoids and a strong pain from the stitches. The pain seriously limited my movements and my ability to take care of my newborn baby girl.

Esther treated me with acupuncture and recommended additional treatment. After the first treatment, I already felt a great improvement in my mobility and the pain weekend. After a few more treatments, the problem disappeared completely.


Esther also treats both my children with acupuncture for any viral disease, stomachaches and fever.


The great advantage of her treatment is that you can see a significant improvement right away, and it doesn’t take dozens of treatments to feel better.


Esther is very professional, nice and empathic and I gladly recommend her to all my friends"

Sports Injuries


Yael Falko, writer.


“When I was younger, I was in professional sports and suffered a back injury; my knees were worn out as well.


I personally experienced the helplessness of modern medicine in treating sports injuries, which do not require a surgical procedure, but nonetheless, cause a lot of pain and seriously harm the quality of life.

Esther combined acupuncture with heat, an electric procedures to treat my traumatized joints, and the results were quick to follow.


Before Esther, I used ointments and took pills for the pain, but those only helped for several hours.

The improvement in my condition after Esther’s treatments was almost miraculous - after years of suffering, it took her 4 treatments for me to almost forget that the pain was there for so long.


With Esther’s help, I learned that acupuncture, unlike various painkillers, treats the problem and not its symptoms, thus preventing from the problem from reoccurring.


I have been Esther’s patient for years – she has been treating me for almost any medical problem, and not only me; a big part of my family members (except those who refuse to accept any “alternative” medicine) became Esther’s patients over the years.


We are all extremely happy with her treatments methods, her positive vibes, her professionalism, and of course – the results”.