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Silan spread with nuts - "Energy booster" for Qi and Blood

Nuts are known to be abundant with omega-3, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibers, protein, amino acids, unsaturated fats ('good fats') and minerals.

They keep our hearts strong, maintain our brains sharp, moisten our intestines and lungs, restore our energy, enrich the sperm, fight infections and nourish our skin.

Dates are known to strengthen our blood, they moisten our intestines, help generate body fluids, and keep us satiated.

Silan spread with assorted nuts is a perfect energy booster, is abundant with vitamins and keeps us strong and vibrant.

Silan spread with nuts - "Energy booster" for blood and Qi


- A jar of Silan- no added sugar (date honey

syrup) - A handful of unsalted almonds - A handful of unsalted walnuts - A handful of unsalted Brazil nuts - A handful of unsalted pecans - Sesame seeds

- 2 drops of vanilla extract


Place all nuts, almonds and sesame in a frying pan without oil, and fry them at medium heat. Add silan and a little bit of water and cook together for about 10-15 min.It is important to consistently stir the mixture gently so it doesn't burn.Set aside to cool off.You can eat the spread on whole wheat bread or any kind of bread that you like.

** Nuts should be eaten in small quantities (a handful per day), and should a

voided in case a person has soft bowls, excessive phlegm, edema or


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